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NEW Mi-BEAM Modular Intelligent-Bidirectional DC Power Supply

The Sorensen™ Modular Intelligent-Bidirectional Energy AMplified (Mi-BEAM) Series is the newest addition to the AMETEK Programmable Power portfolio of high-power testing solutions. The new Mi-BEAM Series features full DC source and sink capabilities with power levels from 12 kW up to 37 kW. The Mi-BEAM Series is fully scalable up to 1.2 MW with parallel systems. The available voltage ranges of 600V, 1,500V and 2,000VDC in a 4U rack height chassis provide full power up to +/-150A within a single system.Visit the product page.

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CINERGIA ePLUS better than ever, the enhanced PLUS family

up to 8 units using a fiber optics link to increase power/voltage capabilities:
GE mode: can be connected in parallel
EL mode: can be connected in parallel
B2C: can be connected in parallel, or serial or serial/parallel

30kHz closed control loop frequency with 300kHz oversampling technique

50 per phase with 20 free-harmonics, in AC models

added to the star connection, for the EL mode in AC

for the fastest transients and highest stability

RMS or instantaneous RLC model for anti-islanding test

Download new catalogue here.

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AMETEK Expands Asterion® DC Power Supply Line with 31 Low-Profile 1.7 kW-10 kW Power Supplies

AMETEK Programmable Power has expanded its Sorenson™ brand of Asterion® DC Power Supplies with the addition of 31 new models. The Asterion DC product line now offers a total of 43 programmable DC power supplies with power outputs ranging from 1.7 kW to 10 kW, with voltages from 40 V to 400 V, and with currents up to 250 A.

Advanced features include:

  • High power density in a 1U chassis (up to 5 kW) or a 2U chassis (up to 10 kW)
  • Fixed or autoranging output models
  • Intuitive touch panel control
  • Multilanguage display for global operation
  • Autoparalleling for higher current requirements
  • Active power factor correction
  • Standard LAN (LXI), USB, and RS-232 interfaces
  • Full remote control via Virtual Panels™
  • Fast transient response and low noise

For more information on the Asterion DC Power Supplies,  please click the product link here.

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Sorensen Lab DC Power Supply Extends Capabilities with PowerFlex Switch-Mode Technology

The new XPF60-20S unit is a single output version of the dual output XPF60-20D. It provides up to 60V and 20A within its 420W power envelope, all in a one quarter rack width x 3U height that uses the minimum possible space for either bench or rack mounting. Since the XPF60-20S has manual control, it will most often find use in conventional bench-top use. The Series, which offers both analog and digital control, features easier-to-use analog controls without sacrificing digital stability.

The Sorensen XPF60-20S and 20D outperform competitive units due to Sorensen’s PowerFlex switch mode technology design. PowerFlex switch-mode technology generates higher currents at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope. This is an advantage over traditional power supplies that have a fixed current limit for a power capability that reduces directly with the output voltage.

Users also can select from two other variants of the single output version of the XPF60-20 Series. The XPF60-20SA includes fully galvanically isolated, voltage driven remote control for both voltage and current, while the XPF60-20SP provides duplicate rear terminals and digital remote control. Completing the XPF60-20 Series line, the XPF60-20DP dual output model adds digital remote control. Both dual output models also have small footprints so they take up less space on a crowded bench. All XPF60-20 Series units offer connectivity via GPIB, RS-232, USB, LAN and LXI Class C.

Additionally, the XPF60-20S DC power supply offers both Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) operation with automatic cross-over. The unit offers good transient response, built-in power factor correction, and both load and line regulation. The XPF60-20S DC also offers low ripple and noise — for example at 20MHz bandwidth, typically <2mV rms, <10mV pk-pk, (4mV rms maximum), CV mode. Outputs are forward protected by an over-voltage protection (OVP) trip and reverse protected by diode clamp. Users can easily change the OVP range with a screwdriver adjustable preset on the front panel.

The line’s XPF60-20D model is a dual output DC power supply with two completely independent and isolated outputs. The outputs can be wired in series or parallel to achieve up to 120V or 40A within a total power envelope of 840W. Users can set voltages with coarse and fine controls and set currents by a single logarithmic control. An S-Lock (Settings Lock) switches between voltage and current settings and locks them in with a press of the button. This ensures that settings don’t drift over time or are accidently changed.

Also, as an alternative to the unit’s PowerFlex operation, a fixed range mode lets the power supply work as a conventional power supply with fixed ranges of either 60V/7A or 20V/20A at the press of a button. This ensures the output can only be in CV or CC mode and never in power limit, whatever the load. Another button in the fixed range mode lets users customize voltage and current limits to exactly suit their application.

For more information, please visit product page here.


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New Sorensen SG 1000V DC Power Supply Extends Capabilities to High-Voltage Applications

Ideal for 1kV applications including testing PV inverters and electric vehicles.

The global leader in programmable AC and DC power test solutions, AMETEK Programmable Power, has extended its Sorensen SG Series high-power DC power supply line with the introduction of the new SG 1000V, which can supply up to 1,000V DC for applications such as testing photovoltaic (PV) inverters and electric vehicles.

The Sorensen SG Series leads the industry in power density and is one of the industry’s most widely used DC power supplies in its class with more than 20,000 units in the field. The quality of power supplied by Sorensen SG Series makes it well suited for a very broad range of applications, including test and measurement for devices such as PV inverters and electric vehicles, semiconductor processing, electroplating, and for imagers such as CT and MRI scanners that are used as luggage scanners for homeland security.

The new 1000V DC model of SG Series power supplies can provide up to 15 kW in a 3U package. The SG 1000V, for example, can supply up to 15 A in the standard 3U package. Users also can select from 5 kW and 10 kW models. For users who need more output power, up to five 15 kW units can be connected in parallel to supply up to 75 kW. In addition, the Sorensen SG Series offers fast voltage and current slew rates, exceptional load transient response, low noise, and built-in power factor correction.

All of the models in the SG Series are available with either Sorensen General-purpose Intelligent (SGI) control or Sorensen General-purpose Analog (SGA) control. Units with SGI control combine on-board intelligent controls with the outstanding power electronics common to all SG Series supplies. These controls enable sophisticated sequencing, constant power mode and save/recall of common setups, making the SGI-capable unit ideal for repetitive testing using complex or compliance waveforms. The unit features a vacuum fluorescent graphical display in eight languages, context sensitive “soft” keys and front panel keyboard simplify programming of the SGI. A popular and unique SG option is a factory-installed dust filter for 3U units.

Units with SGI control come with a standard RS-232C port. GPIB/IEEE 488.2 and LXI Ethernet ports are optional features. Units with SGA control are designed for users who require simple front panel analog controls or external control. With the same high- performance power electronics as the SGI, the SGA-configured unit provides essential features such as 10-turn potentiometers for setting voltage and current, 3½ digit LED readout plus front panel over-voltage protection (OVP) preview/adjustment and reset. Units with SGA control come standard with remote analog control and can be fitted with an RS-232C port, a GPIB/IEEE 488.2, and an LXI Ethernet port as optional features.

For more information please visit the product page here.