MV-20/20D Vibration Tester

For miniaturized motors, even the very low vibration during rotation can be considered as defect. Using primitive method of picking up noise through listening stick is not reliable to pick up noise from vibration. With this instrument, you can detect very low vibration noise using a highly sensitive pick-up sensor which can not be affected by ambient noise. You can achieve accurate measurement and judge a product good or bad.

Product Description


  • Detects vibrations caused by unbalanced motors and rumbling noises of bearings.
  • Measurement noise can be heard through speakers and earphones.
  • Equipped with an external communication function, it can be easily introduced into an automated production line.

MV-20, MV-20D
Frequency Range 3 Selectable Steps
1.Full bandwidth 15Hz~10KHz
2.Low Range 15Hz~1KHz
3.High Range 1KHz~10KHz
Measurement Range 0.05G~10G (6 RANGE)
Output (External) 100mWrms max (at 32Ω)
Frequency Characteristics 20Hz~8KHz(±0.5dB) 15Hz~10KHz(±1.0dB)
Filter Characteristics -12dB/oct
Operating Temp/Humidity 0℃~40℃ / 10%~70%
Power Source AC100V~AC240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Below 5VA
Dimensions 200W×130H×150D
Remote Interface I/O・RS-232C I/O・RS-232C・USB (MV-20D)
AD Converter Resolution 16bit (MV-20D)

Waveform Memory 1Mword  (MV-20D)

Acceleration Sensor
Test Method Piezoelectric acceleration method
Sensitivity 10pC/m/s2
Max. Acceleration 10000m/s2
Resonance Frequency min 20KHz
Operating Temp/Humidity -10℃~80℃ / 0%~90%