Sorensen HPX Series

Model: HPX Series
Voltage: 10V – 1000V
Current: 45A – 6000A
Power: 36kW – 240kW
Overview: High Power Extensible Programmable DC System

he Flexibility You Want with the Capability You Need in One System
The Sorensen HPX series serves every major market and application that requires demanding test specifications, from industrial automation to material research to aerospace and satellite testing – providing engineers the flexibility they want with the capability they need all in one convenient and affordable system. The Sorensen HPX High Power Extensible, Programmable DC Series delivers unsurpassed quality and reliable low-noise performance, fast and precise programmability with premium features, all in a convenient rack-mount cabinet with casters.

  • High power configured the way you want for today’s testing and beyond
  • Affordable system power with all the precision of expensive, custom solutions
  • Serving every major market and application with demanding test specifications

Product Description

Modular Architecture Benefits
* The Sorensen HPX system does not go down in the event that one of the power building blocks fails.
* Modularity allows more efficient maintenance as sparing can be done at the building block level.
* Intelligent controls allow for sophisticated sequencing, constant power mode to allow for independent settings of max voltage, current and power and save/recall of the supply settings.
* Flexible control includes front panel manual control, isolated analog input, RS232 and Ethernet (LXI) with an option to replace the Ethernet interface with IEEE-488.

Advanced Features
** High Power Density: Up to 150KW in a single bay rack-mount cabinet. Up to 240KW in a dual bay rack.
** Fast Load Transient Response: Protection from undesired voltage excursions
** Fast Slew Rate with exceptional rise/fall times for speed-critical applications
** Low Ripple: Suitable for the most sensitive applications
** Low Audible Noise: Temperature controlled variable speed fans
** High accuracy: Voltage/current measurements without external DMMs
** Modular architecture simplifies sparing and maintenance

HPX: Configurable High Power
The Sorensen HPX Series features two modes in one: automatic constant voltage and constant current mode crossover with protection against hazardous faults. Remote Shutdown (S/D) Interlock provides various external output shutdown capability in case hazardous faults occur. Other features such as External Analog Programming provide increased control and convenience for external programming applications achieved through various external voltage control methods. The HPX also includes Remote Sense for correcting errors from line voltage drops. Sophisticated power conversion technology, with state-of-the-art FET-based high frequency switching technology provides accuracy, exceptional load transient response and low noise in a smaller footprint as compared to other technologies.

Markets and Applications
Telecommunications and IT
Laser Diode Validation and Testing
Industrial Automation and Process Control
PV Inverter, Fuel Cell and Renewable Energy R&D
Magnets, RF Amplifiers and Beam Steering
Aerospace and Satellite Testing
Heater Supplies
Water Treatment and Purification
Battery, Ultracapacitor and Energy Storage Testing
Semiconductor Processing
Material Research
Gas, Chemical, Petroleum and Utility Plants
Electroplating, Sputtering and Coating
EOL Test, QC and Inspection
Electrical Component Validation
Defense, Military and Aerospace ATE
Burn-in and Lights-out Testing
Compliance Testing
Automotive Component, ECU and HIL Testing