ECG-Kokusai WTS-05 Integrated Impulse Winding Tester

Motor, transformer and coil tests are done on this unit!!
All in one tester for coil winding products!!

Product Description


  • 4tests can be carried out with one unit
    1. Impulse test
    2. DC resistance test
    3. AC voltage test
    4. Insulation resistance test
  • Built-in 10 circuits switcher free selection
  • Additional options
    1. Impulse PD (partial discharge) test*1
    2. Inductance test*2
    3. Rotation direction*2

*1: PD sensor added
*2: Connected with specified measuring instrument


Impulse testApplied voltage0.5kV~5.0kV 0.1kV step
Judgment itemArea, Diff-Area、Flutter or Laplacian
Test inductance range10µH less
DC resistanceMeasurement terminal4 terminal measurement method
Measurement range1.000mΩ~350.00Ω
AC Hi-PotTest voltageAC0.2kV~5.0kV (50Hz/60Hz)
Output capacity100VA(5.0kV、20mA)
Measurement rangeUpper limit 0.01〜20.00mA 
Lower limit 0.01〜19.99 mA and OFF
Insulation resistanceTest voltageDC25V/50V/100V/250V/500V/1000V
Measurement range0.001~9990MΩ
Test patternNumber of switching10 circuits Hi/Lo can be arbitrarily set
Test stepMaximum 100 steps (total 200 steps)
GeneralExternal communicationRS-232C、I/O、USB(Data storage only)
AccessoriesAC cable 1, Test cable(1.5m)10
Dimension/WeightW430×H245×D485    weight 27.5kg
Power supply voltage100V~240V