CINERGIA B2C+ Bidirectional DC Converter

CINERGIA’s DC Programmable Power Supplies are designed to generate a controlled DC source or load. This renewable equipment has the capability to save up to 92% of energy during its testing operations by returning it to the main grid. DCPS includes two outputs to choose among: bidirectional and unidirectional modes. Furthermore, the grid-tied IGBT Active Rectifier allows a sinusoidal current consumption with low distortion and high power factor.
Our DC Programmable Power Supplies are frequently used in multiple applications such as Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Storage Systems, Battery Testing and Characterization, Electrical Vehicles, EV Charging Infrastructure, Traction Converters and Avionics.

Product Description

Below are options for B2C+ (Software activation)

Battery Pack Tester

Advanced DC Software Application
The constant investment in R&D enables the development of the most recent technologies to extend their useful life of batteries. To evaluate the performance of batteries, it is necessary to execute charge and discharge tests to find the best shape.
CINERGIA has developed a specialized module in battery testing to create a flexible and intuitive sequence of battery cycles. Our interface software is an essential tool for power electronics engineers to access all functionalities of its converters. It also allows to precisely control on charge, discharge and cycling of any kind of battery. On the one hand, basic parameters of this software include fast charge, float voltages and the charge and discharge of currents. On the other hand, advanced parameters add Energy (Ah) and time as transition conditions.

Battery Emulation

Advanced Software Application
Battery Emulator combined with a regenerative AC to DC converter designed to behave like real batteries. It is a software option of the B2C+ with a DC output, for a single unit, from 20 to 750V (800V with the HV option). It is also possible to serialize units to reach up to 1500V or to parallelize units to increase the power and current. Thanks to the Separated Channel Operation (included up to 54kW) each unit can be used as 3 completely different DC Regenerative Power Supplies in a single cabinet.
It is a versatile and flexible product line perfectly suitable for Battery Testing and Characterization procedures.

PV Panel Emulation

Advanced Software Application
CINERGIA can provide all the power devices needed to test photovoltaic inverters in a closed energy loop. On such a platform, the total power and energy consumption of the grid will be reduced to the losses of the power converters involved in the test, typically in the range of 20-35% of the power generated by the Inverter under test. In R&D, the main advantage will be the reduction in power required: a 100kW Inverter could be tested in a laboratory with a 20 to 35kW installation. In burn-in and end-of-line tests, the energy savings will be added to a significant reduction in the energy bill.